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    Wenzhou Zhuowei ( ZEALWELL ) electric limited company is located in the China Electric Capital - Liushi, close to 104 National Road and the Taiwan-Ningbo Expressway, from the Wenzhou airport, train station only 30 kilometers, north leans on the scenic Yandang Mountain, the company covers an area of 3000square meters, is set production and sale of research and development for the integrated enterprise, has a number of outstanding production staff, senior technical strength, advanced production equipment, strict testing means and perfect quality system.

    The company is committed to the professional indoor and outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker and its operating mechanism. Main products: ZN63A-12, ZN28, ZN23, ZN85, ZW7, ZW8, ZW32 series of indoor and outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker. Isolation, PT, fuse, arrester series hand cart. CT19, CT19BN, CT19BW, VS1spring operating mechanism. Products have to undergo a high-voltage electrical machinery industry ( Xi'an Institute of high voltage electrical ) quality testing of AC high-voltage circuit breakers rated" GB1984" and the technical requirements of the product.

    Company "excellent quality, enthusiastic service" for the purpose, in strict careful, refine on, truth-seeking innovation, unity and enterprising for the quality policy, is committed to the creation of high voltage electrical model, the largest customer satisfaction. Wenzhou Zhuowei ( ZEALWELL ) electrical Yuanyuguangtai users work together, create brilliant.

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